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As I know from experience, most traders get off to a rough start. They are usually either roped into some expensive monthly program, or taught the wrong things by "Youtube gurus". I started as the former, getting involved with an MLM company, and watched as my trading turned into an unpaid sales job. The huge monthly payment of over $200 and the lack of proper education led me to overnight failure. I am determined to share my knowledge and skills so that this doesn't happen to others. My parents also got involved with trading, but their busy lifestyle gave them no time to learn. I hope to cut out most of the time needed so that the average person can easily make money in the largest financial market in the world.


Jacob Notte,


“I am not a rat. I refuse to partake in this race.” I told myself. Truth is, that is a privilege one must earn. That said, life’s purpose is not to chase shallow pleasures, chase money or to achieve the final goal by any means possible. That would make one no more than a rat. It is about the journey; but how can one truly enjoy the journey when they are worked like rats? The solution is TIME. I bought myself time by quitting my 10am-9pm job as regional director of a small family owned business and started trading. Hurdles and obstacles were the first to greet me. I found myself confused at the volume of dispersed information;  going from one  “trading guru” to the other. It was a very inefficient transition into my new paradigm, doubting my decision in the first place. The purpose of Turbo Pips is to minimize this transition to the bare minimum for those who want to create their own race; their own rules; your own journey.


Andrew Yang,




AJ, Nova Scotia, Canada

I am finally profitable.

Thanks guys!


Deanna, BC, Canada

I've tried other platforms, but nothing got me results like this.

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